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Cable Connection Diagram

Cable Connection Diagram

1.1 Sketch map of Cat6 cable layout between LED display screen cabinets, the following screen is made up of 25 standard cabinets:



1.2 System connection diagram



1.3 Connection diagram between sending card and receving card



Electrical Cable Layout Illustration

LED display screen is a high-power electronic equipment with power supply volt of AC 380V and three phase five wire. In the layout of electrical wire, stability and safety of circuitry should be taken into consideration to make sure that power supply can be cut off automatically when short circuit occurs to display screen.

Rated power of this display screen is 24KW, power in normal working condition is 20KW. Three phase five wires with cross section area of 10mm2 is recommended to be applied as input electrical line. In the elcctrical box of screen body should be fitted with three-phase air switch and anti-thunder equipment.

2.1 Sketch map of LED Screen AC electrical cable layout



2.2 The connection sketch map of AC power adapter connection seat in unit cabinet 

cable connection to PSU



2.3 Illustration for connection end of switch power adapter

cable connection to module


① DC 5V OUT to the module 
② DC GND OUT to the module
③ AC 220V IN