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Factory Tour

MAYSEE Manufacture

Modern, Automated Manufacturing Facilities

MAYSEE industry park is located at Pinghu,Shenzhen, with a production area about 5,000 sqm. Its integrated management ensure the quality and timely delivery.

Seeing is Believing

When you visit MAYSEE, you will be deeply impressed by its neat, clean, safe and automatic production environment.


Office View

MAYSEE Reception     office corner 


office corner     office corner


Automatic Equipment

Automatic Components Inserter     SMT Inserter

               Automatic Components Inserter                                                        SMT Machine

Tin-printing Machine     wave-soldering machine           

                       Tin-printing Machine                                                                    Wave-soldering Machine


reflow-soldering machine     glue-pouring machine

                Reflow-soldering Machine                                                                     Glue-pouring Machine



Workshop View

module-making     72hrs module burning-test

                  Module-making                                                                                  48hrs Module Burning Test


cabinet assembly     cable layout & PS mounting

                 Cabinet Assembly                                                                          Cable Layout & PS Mounting


48hrs convex screen aging test     48hrs dance-floor aging test

          72hrs Convex Screen Aging Test                                                           72hrs Dance-floor Aging Test