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Problems & Solutions

Usual problems and solutions

problems and solutions


Daily maintenance 
In order to improve the lifetime and maintenance of our LED screens , please pay attention to the following points:

1. Make sure the power supply is stable and the ground connecting protection well fixed.

2. Don't use the LED display under abominable environment. (Such as thunderstorm weather, etc.)

3. Strictly try to avoid water or other electricity-conductive metal objects getting into LED displays board. Shut off power immediately once water gets in and don't use it until the display board has been dried.

4. LED display turn-on and turn-off procedures:
A: First turn on the control computer until normal running, and then turn on LED display. 
B: First turn off LED display first, and then turn off computer.

5. Don't let the LED display under one pure color condition for long time, such as in all pure white condition or all pure red condition.